Dr. Mijares is a world traveler focused on creating a better world for all. She has authored/edited six books specifically focusing on psychospiritual development, women’s empowerment, Breath, and a deeper look at our human relationship from a global perspective. She has been a visiting professor at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica, is an Associate Professor for National University, core faculty at CIHS and Brandman University. Her primary focus is one of balancing power and beauty in order to create a healthier world. The connection with Mother Earth and openness to indigenous and psychospiritual healing practices as well as mystical teachings empower her efforts.

Spiritual Scientist


Dr. Sharon G. Mijares

Licensed Psychologist/Spiritual Scientist


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We live in a multi-layered world with multi-layered lives. As a spiritual and intuitive scientist, I work with you to explore the psychospiritual elements manifesting in your life—both past and present. There is so much more waiting to be discovered in unconscious and spiritual levels. What is your spiritual journey?  Why waste time and efforts on what is not really yours to do!

Something is seeking to manifest!

We use many mediums to open the field, for example:

·       Breath

·       Mantra

·       Trance

·       Numerology

·       Astrology

·       Myth and Metaphor

·       Oracles

·       Intuition

·       Shamanic healing


These processes allow you to better understand the individual manifestations taking place, as you receive inner guidance enabling you to step into authentic being. This is the work facing most people in this era of our human evolution. We can no longer hide out as victims, or simply following the status quo. The work is to live your Authentic Nature.

During sessions, we examine what is taking place within your life from a place of greater depth and insight. You can step more fully into your life, and learn how to see everything as a learning adventure. Yes, everything can bring some form of new knowledge—that adding to your life! When you learn the skills of spiritual science, you learn new ways of perceiving your life. This does not mean that everything is suddenly perfect, as we live in an imperfect world, but it does mean that you learn ways of living that free you from neurotic responses, allowing for a deepened spiritual response.

Learn how to be more receptive in inner guidance.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for an appointment (either by skype or in person).

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