Spirituality and Clinical Practice


Spirituality & Clinical Practice

Presented by

Dr. Sharon G. Mijares for psychotherapists



In order to treat the whole person, spirituality can be helpful in treatment planning. This introductory eight-hour workshop will introduce you to current trends, recent research and changing paradigms concerning the healing benefits of faith, prayer, breath and mantric-sound practices upon body, mind and soul. Participants will also become more cognizant of differing cultural-religious philosophies and exercises. The workshop will include both theory and experiential practices (from a non-dogmatic perspective)

Changing Paradigms

    • Current research
    • Update on current trends in psychiatry and psychology
    • Discussion on participant experience

Ethical Issues for the therapist

    • Cultural awareness includes religious sensibility
    • Potential pitfalls and problems
    • Including spirituality when taking case histories
    • How to listen
    • Role plays

Spiritual Emergence Syndromes and Treatment

    • Types of spiritual emergence syndromes from a variety of religious perspectives
    • Psychotic & neurotic states can indicate intense transformation
    • Methods of treatment
    • Small group discussions

The use of myth to help change a client’s pathological paradigm and instill hope.

    • The hero/heroine’s journey and its four stages
    • Presentation of some case histories
    • Assignment: Journey personal experiences
    • Small group sharing

Wisdom Traditions and their models of Psychological healing (philosophy, practices & ethics)

  • Native traditions & Psychological Healing
  • Yogic/Vendandic traditions & Psychological Healing
  • Buddhism & Psychological Healing
  • Christianity & Psychological Healing
  • Judaism/Kabbalah & Psychological Healing
  • Taoism & Psychological Healing
  • Sufism, Islam & Psychological Healing
  • Women’s Spirituality & Psychological Healing

Giving spiritual practices to clients for homework

  • Determine appropriateness
    • Modeling
    • Journaling & feedback
    • Applicable readings
    • Appropriate referrals

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Dr. Mijares has presented lectures and workshops on this topic nationally. She is currently co-authoring and editing "Modern Psychology and Ancient Wisdom: An anthology of psychological healing practices from the world’s religious traditions" (working title). She is a licensed psychologist in private practice and adjunct faculty of National University's and Chapman University’s Psychology Departments. She is also a member of the APA’s Division on the Psychology of Religion and has decades of experiential training in this area. Dr. Mijares has authored several articles on spiritual emergence and the mind-body relationship.

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Dr. Sharon G. Mijares is a Depth Psychologist. She has authored seven books and numerous articles, and is a Core Faculty member of the California Institute for Human Science. She is a also a professor at National University assisting with its addition of Cultural and Social Justice components in its programs and within her courses. Sharon has studied mysticism, occult, and shamanic traditions for 48 years and is Shodan (Black Belt) in Aikido.