Womens' Empowerment Exercises


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Women need to be grounded in their bodies. Most women are disconnected due to the influence of longtime patriarchal dominance.  They are also disconnected when influenced by glamour initiated by the media and the corporations that benefit by the buying of their products. We need to nurture all levels of development and not just superficial glamour. In these exercises power and beauty and embodied!

Given the fact that the world is becoming increasingly dangerous at the same time that humanity is becoming more conscious, it is time for women to learn ways to ground, to deepen and to expand innate power. For this reason, I am sharing two practices that I have found useful personally and when working with groups. The first is done individually and should be practiced at least once a day.  The second exercise is done in pairs (typically a group practice).


Expanding the Power Center

Begin with a deep inhale and as you exhale release all thoughts, feelings and preoccupations. The breath is in and out through nose.

Sit quietly and deepen your breathing into your power center.  Sense that you are breathing in cosmic energy from the universe. This life force is freely available to all.

Note: For a woman the power center is approximately two fingers width below the naval.

Visualize a golden pearl at midpoint of the Power Center. It is a nucleus of energy being awakened through this exercise.

Inhale directly into the golden pearl and expand it to the size of a golden beach ball of light as you exhale. Repeat three or four times.

Note: Your exhale does not lose energy, but instead concentrates and expands it.

Inhale directly into the golden energy and expand it to a circumference slightly larger than your body as you exhale. Repeat three or four times.

Inhale directly into the golden energy and expand it to the size of your room or house as you exhale. Repeat three or four times.

Inhale directly into the golden energy and expand it to the size of your city as you exhale. Repeat three or four times.

Inhale directly into the golden energy and expand it to the size of your State and then Nation as you exhale. Repeat three or four times.

Inhale directly into the golden energy and expand it to the size of the World as you exhale. Repeat three or four times.

Stay In this space breathing with Peace, Goodwill and Love for All.

Now, begin to slowly contract the space and with each breath you return to the original nucleus of the golden pearl.

IMPORTANT:  As you contract the energy, feel your heart releasing it gently into the world.




Choose a partner. Establish who is Partner A and who is Partner B (you will eventually change places so each has the same learning).  If someone is facilitating the exercise, do not describe Parts Two and Three beforehand.

Part One; The Partners stand facing one another.

First there is an agreement that the person in Partner A position will very gently push (with tip of index finger) against Partner B’s sternum, using a miniscule amount of strength. One does not want to push or force Partner B’s body. It is very subtle

Partner A asks her to “focus on a person or group you are concerned about and how much you wants to help her/him/them.  She is to visualize and feel the situation with all of her caring love.” Ask that she "only" thinks and feels this one thing. Nothing more is said.

Partner B lets Partner A know when she feels herself in this place by nodding “yes.”

Partner A then gently puts her index finger or tips of fingers on Partner B’s sternum bone area with a very subtle, gentle push. You are not trying to push your partner off balance. Your touch is for the other to feel her own sense of self.

If, and most often this is the case, Partner B will slightly lose her balance. 

NOTE: Now positions reverse and Partner B is now Partner A and vice versa.

Part Two:

Back to original positions, but now with a different image.

Partner B is to imagine herself as a tree with roots deeply grounded into the earth. She gives her attention to her power center (two fingers width below the belly button). She can even place her hand there as a moment is spent breathing down into the power center. She then breathes downward from her power center into the earth—creating a deepening sense of heavy gravity. Ask that she "only" thinks and feels this.

When Partner B feels she is “there” she will nod and Partner A will gently push again. Partner B should feel rooted and Partner A should feel the change.  Often, the woman may need some practice so take the time that is needed.

Partners A and B exchange places (so both have the opportunity to experience this).

Part Three:

NOTE: It is better that this section is not mentioned beforehand so it does not influence what is being done as that may enable someone to bypass the somatic learning.

Partners return to the original images for Part One (that place of caring).  Partner A asks Partner B to feel that same place of caring, but to equally feel that feeling of deep grounding.  Parts One and Two are combined.  The goal is to see how we lose balance and do not effect deep change as a result.

The Beauty of Caring and the Embodied Sense of Power are Balanced with this Exercise.

These simple somatic psychospiritual processes help to prepare the way for a deeper journey within for entering the unknown, enabling an even more profound transformation.


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Dr. Sharon G. Mijares is a Depth Psychologist. She has authored seven books and numerous articles, and is a Core Faculty member of the California Institute for Human Science. She is a also a professor at National University assisting with its addition of Cultural and Social Justice components in its programs and within her courses. Sharon has studied mysticism, occult, and shamanic traditions for 48 years and is Shodan (Black Belt) in Aikido.